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 Message requesting support by Steve Mathis Written TEXT

Senate Floor Audio Testimony on SB 60 Click on for 2/6/03
(Approximately 30 minutes - please listen for sponsor Sen. Koistra's testimony, Sen. Apa's untruthful testimony and Sen. Moore's visionary testimony)

Linda Lea Viken, Attorney Testimony SB 60 (supportive & descriptive) 1/29/03 Click on Audio Testimony - her testimony begins approximately 1 min. into Committee start

Written TEXT from Steve Mathis Supporting SB 60 - 2/13/03   
Why is the South Dakota Coalition for Shared Parenting Involved in This Legislation for Families of Separation and Divorce?

E-mail the South Dakota Coalition for Shared Parenting

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Demonstration of Support for our Children
on the Capitol Steps - 2/11/03 (REQUEST DENIED - CANCELLED)

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Examples Why Shared Parenting is Important to My Family

 Letters, Editorials or E-mails From the SDCSP President  

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Critical Thinking for a Complex Issue -- Senate Bill 60
“Thinking Outside the Box”

 SDCSP's Preferred 2003 Shared Parenting Bill - SB 60  

Current Action on Shared Parenting Bill - Senate Bill 60

Listen To Live Audio of Legislative Action including Committees

Amended 2003 Shared Parenting Bill - Senate Bill 60 (1/21/03)

Contact Judiciary Committee Members in House and Senate to Support Bill!!!


What Are the South Dakota Visitation Guidelines?  Why is the Parenting Schedule considered Outdated?


Information provided to all Legislators, Governor Rounds, Judicial (UJS) and additional resources

News Coverage Senate Bill 60

Proposed Model Relocation Act, AAML 1997

Questions & Answers regarding a Rebuttable Presumption of Joint Physical Custody   Updated December, 2002  Must Read!

Edited Testimony on SB60- Senate Judiciary Committee - 1/24/2003 - Steven Mathis  

Legal and Research Support for a Presumption for Joint Physical Custody
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