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All South Dakota Statutes and Constitution

SDCL 24-4-45 Best Interests of Child (this is where custody statutes basically start)

SDCL 22-19-9. Taking, enticing away, or keeping of unmarried minor child by parent.

SDCL 25-5-7.1. Order for joint legal custody -- Factors for court's consideration

SDCL 25-5-7.2. Residential parent to make routine decisions concerning child

SDCL 25-5-7.3. Denial of access to certain records and information pertaining to minor child prohibited

SDCL 25-5-7 Parents equally entitled to custody

SDCL 25-5-8 Father's rights not superior to mother while separated

25-5-9. Habeas corpus to award child custody when parents separated without divorce

SDCL 25-5-13  Power to change residence

SDCL 25-5-29  25-5-30 25-5-31  25-5-32  25-5-33 25-5-34
(Known as Timmy Law) - 2002

SDCL 25-7-6.1. Obligation of parents to support child
SDCL 25-7-6.14 Child Support - Shared Responsibility

South Dakota Standard Guidelines

Added 2002

SDCL 25-4A-9 Standard Guidelines Defined
SDCL 25-4A-10 Supreme Court to promulgate guidelines
SDCL 25-4A-11 Duty to serve guidelines
SDCL 25-4A-12.  Visitation agreement other than standard guidelines --
SDCL 25-4A-13 Objections to custody or visitation order - hearing
SDCL 25-4A-14 Standard guidelines subject to certain court orders

SDCL 25-4A-5 & 25-4A-2 & 25-4A-1 Violation of custody or visitation decree

SDCL 58-33-13.1 Sex or marital status discrimination prohibited.

South Dakota Constitution Article 6: Bill of Rights

     Section 2 - Due Process         Section 18, Equal privileges

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