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Published 1/26/03

A “Shared Parenting” bill (Senate Bill No. 60) will be considered in the South Dakota Legislative session this year.  It protects and promotes the rights of an estimated 2,100 children each year in South Dakota to have two loving, equally involved parents in their lives following separation and divorce unless detrimental to the child.   It is a “family friendly” approach that maximizes the responsibilities of both parents and minimizes the risk for our children inherent in not having both parents actively involved in their lives.   This legislation supports the importance of moms and dads in their child's growth and development and provides equal protection and meaningful due process under our Constitution.  

This legislation presumes that South Dakota's mothers and fathers are responsible, fit parents unless proven otherwise and promotes a win-win-win parenting arrangement following separation or divorce.  It encourages the best in all parents and minimizes the current adversarial “win-lose” situation and bias in South Dakota's custody “system” today.  

We encourage you to actively support this shared parenting bill.  Call or write your Legislators and Governor Rounds today. For more information, please call (605) 260-3000 or visit our website at:

John Grosz, President
South Dakota Coalition for Shared Parenting

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