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The SDCSP is taking the initive to circulate the following petition to present to the
Legislature and Governor in 2003 for support of a presumption of approximately
equal joint physical custody after separation or divorce unless it is harmful to a
child.  We believe, as a body of studies show, this is in the best interest of our
children in South Dakota and across the nation.  

Today, in South Dakota, the presumption is for Joint Legal Custody which
permits a child's access to their noncustodial parent for 95 overnights per
year or 26% of the entire time in a year.  We believe South Dakota can do better!
If you are interested in circulating this petition, please call Steve Mathis at
(605) 260-3000.


WE, THE UNDERSIGNED Citizens of the state of South Dakota petition the South Dakota Legislature and Governor to pass a law in 2003 that provides minor children with frequent, meaningful and continuing contact with both their parents and encourages parents to share in the equal rights and responsibilities of rearing their children following separation or divorce.   We believe this law should expressly provide that joint physical custody and substantially equal parenting time is in the best interest of a child unless there is proof that such custody arrangement would be harmful to a child's growth and development.

 Click to sign or print this Petition out, sign it with your complete address and mail it to:  SDCSP, 916 Locust Street, Yankton, SD 57078

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